Enhancing effectiveness of contracts


We use our in depth knowledge of PPP contracts, shareholder expectations and market knowledge to deliver improved contractual outcomes on existing public, private contracts and empower our clients for on-going effective management.

Many long term contracts result in public sector entities paying £millions to contractors for outdated services with limited oversight on service cost and poor management information and contract enforcement.

Garnet Consulting help organisations to realign their contracts to reflect future service and financial requirements.

Our work involves:

  • Understanding the cost base
    Establish a detailed understanding of the financial baseline, reviewing invoicing and change control procedures for accuracy and benchmarking service costs
  • Assessing contract performance
    Assess management and performance data to understand performance levels and contractual failures
  • Redefining service needs
    Meet service leads to understand current and future service and transformation requirements

Our advice includes redrafting specifications and performance parameters as well as negotiating changes to recast the contract to meet the new requirements of the procuring authority.

We also offer training courses and advice to ensure effective clienting including development of protocols and bespoke management information.

“Garnet has provided commercial, financial and project management services to CHP across individual LIFT projects as well as broader advice on securing cost savings in existing and future PPP contracts and development of a standardised approach to new LIFT projects.

Garnet has built good relationships across CHP and supports us in a flexible way, providing responsive and constructive advice which demonstrates a deep understanding of the PPP market.  Garnet provide a pragmatic and solution finding approach to tasks and their extensive experience in advising the public sector and investors means they understand the opportunities and constraints facing each party and a clear view on how our drive for a better solution can be achieved most effectively." - Sue O’Connell, Chief Executive, Community Health Partnerships