Transforming public services


Financial austerity has driven public sector organisations to deliver substantial cost savings through service cuts and significant reshaping of services. The challenge of reducing budgets continues with many easy wins already implemented.

Garnet Consulting work with public sector organisations to consider wide reaching transformation of services to deliver significant efficiencies which take into consideration the anticipated future demands on services.

We start with establishing the overall strategy and understanding the current organisation, service performance and cost profile.  Once we have a detailed profile of services we generate options to reshape services to meet the on-going strategic needs of the organisation.

Our work involves:

  • Identifying opportunities
    Establish options for restructuring services and delivery to drive operational and financial efficiencies
  • Redefine roles and responsibilities
    Assess management and staff structures to enable effective service delivery, appropriate governance, effective commissioning and on-going management within a performance-focussed culture
  • Establish accessible and modern public service provision
    Build an appropriately skilled and motivated workforce, using partnerships where appropriate, to enhance service delivery and drive cost efficiencies.

Throughout our change programmes we are careful to nurture the organisation and its people to equip them with the skills and confidence to operate within a challenging and changing public sector environment.



“Garnet has helped the Council procure some important, high value framework and delivery contracts that has enabled a significant programme of investment in our housing stock, delivery of new housing and to achieve significant operational cost savings and value for money delivery. The team has also assisted us in shaping our clienting arrangements to ensure the ongoing cost and operational effectiveness of our third party contracts. The team has taken the time to understand our business, our key drivers and openly shared their knowledge and skills to the benefit of our organisation.” Barbara Brownlee, Director of Housing, Thurrock Council